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Deck Levelling / Water Ponding Good Deck A-70

SDD Master Solutions Sdn Bhd is a specialist company involved in Deck Levelling to provide solutions to Water Ponding issues by using a special formulated Epoxy incorporated with ultra light filler called Good Deck A-70. The Good Deck A70 is a proprietary formulated to provide a seamless, Ultra Lightweight surface for uneven metal deck surfaces.   
The traditional methods of solving Deck Levelling problem is by using cement based self levelling epoxy which makes it very heavy for Offshore or Marine Vessels applications.
Our Services include:
  1. Site inspections to measure and estimate cost / duration for of the deck levelling  job.
  2. Cleaning to ensure that the surfaces are clean, reasonably dry, free form dirt, grease and loose material before applying Good Deck A-70.
  3. Levelling Good Deck A70 by trowel applied to level out water ponding sections, overlapping layer by layer from 12 mm to 55 mm (case by case basis).
  4. Water Ponding test, to ensure that the levelling is up to the standard to direct the water to the open drains.
  5. Painting / Anti – Slip grit application to the levelled deck.
Here is the Inspection after Levelling:
Before       After
Before       After
Before       After